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Installing Mosaic Hex

Prior to installation of Mosaic Tile Sheets

(Escamita, 1 x 3 Running Bond, 1-inch Hex, 2-inch Hex,

1 x 3 Herringbone, 1 x 3 Basketweave, 1 x 3 3-Square): 


Mosaic sheets are not pavers and must be blended prior/ during installation. The sheets are in place only as an aid to intallation. Imagine having to pick up 48 separate tiles; one by one? In order to blend the Mosaic sheets, the installer must take time to adjust the sheets prior to installation.


During the install, some pieces may have to be fine-tuned, so the sheets blend well into each other. Start by placing the sheets next to each other, examine the intersection of each sheet into the adjacent sheet on all sides.   We recommend cutting the plastic with a sharp knife, if needed, to adjust and push pieces together so your grout joints have a uniform look. Examine the remainder of the tiles taking the time to see if any other tiles may have shifted and need readjusting.

This video applies to installation of Escamita, 1 & 2" Hex,

1 x 3s (Running Bond, Herringbone, Basketweave and 3-Square)

Watch Installation Video

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