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Basic Installation instructions

La Cava Indoor/Outdoor Floor Pavers

Fired at 2175 degrees F.


Absorption Rate = less than .05% (per ASTM C1026 per TCNA)


This product is suitable for a freeze-thaw environment.


Length & Width Tolerance per 12x12 tile is +/- .25”


Thickness of tile is approximately 1/2"


Any residential area with possible exception of some entries & kitchens, if extremely heavy or abrasive traffic is anticipated.


All successful installations depend on a sound substrate and proper use of setting material. There are various methods used to install tile, depending on climate and moisture exposure. The guidelines presented here represent our opinion for general installation. The installer must assess the strength of the substrate, the need for an isolating membrane, consult the thin set manufacturer’s guidelines, and adjust the install based upon climate and moisture exposure.


The Tile Council of N. America provides guidelines for floor installation. The tile installer should be familiar with such guidelines in your climate. Proper placement of expansion joints and attention to proper pitch for drainage to avoid pooling of water is essential.


  • We use handcrafted wooden molds to make La Cava – presenting a subtle uniqueness in shape; hence, we do not recommend mechanical spacers. We recommend sanded grout with approximate 1/2 inch joint per 12 x 12 tile.

  • Please assess overall order PRIOR TO INSTALLATION. Surfaces of handcrafted tiles are rarely flat and may vary in shape and shade. The ¼” size tolerance can be within La Cava’s Length, Width or both. Adjustments should be made between tiles, as it is installed. We recommend sorting and drawing from multiple stacks. This will result in a well-balanced job.

  • Unglazed La Cava must be protected with a penetrating sealer, including the grout lines. Maintaining sealer is recommended. The penetrating sealer is an invisible, stain resistant shield that is absorbed into the surface. Substances that are highly acidic, such as orange juice, coffee, vinegar, wine, tomato-based products, mustard and many soft drinks will most likely leave an “etch,” a chemical reaction that may leave a dull area or mark. Properly sealing the tile/ grout will give you time to wipe up a spill to avoid staining, but it cannot prevent etching. In addition, ordinary household cleaners with colored dyes or those containing bleach, ammonia or abrasives are not recommended for ceramic, porcelain tile & grout. They may damage the surface and likely degrade the sealer that is applied to the grout, which provides stain protection.

  • Writing or marking on our La Cava with ink markers is not recommended. Ink may be absorbed by surface pores and crazing, which may leave a permanent stain.


  • Cementitious grout must be sealed to prevent or minimize staining. Leaving these surfaces unsealed may greatly hinder the ability to completely remove stains in the future. Allow new installations to cure / dry completely (minimum 72 hours) prior to applying sealer


Basic installation instructions La Cava Floor Paver August 2016

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